Another year over… Bring on 2015!

What another incredible year! I’ve been back to the South Island, spent time back home and visited New York! This time last year I was struggling to break into the Auckland photography scene – 1 year on and I have some of the best clients I’ve ever had! This year my photography took a turn as I focused more on landscapes and stock images! I still shoot my usual portraits and events but I’m enjoying experimenting in new areas of photography. Next year I will continue to build on my New Zealand client base and concentrate more on tourism photography. As I …

New York, New York!!

So New York was awesome… here are a few quick snaps from the trip! I could write a huge blog and go on about every last thing we did but I’d end up rambling on about the constant airport style security checks (completely understandable!) and tripod bans! I’ll let the photos do the talking instead! Next time I’m less tourist and more photographer! So many more shots I wanted to take!

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