Sky Tower Child Cancer Awareness in photos!

SKYCITY Auckland is helping to raise awareness of the Child Cancer Foundation’s National Appeal by lighting the Sky Tower the Beads of Courage colours this week.

The five Beads of Courage colours on the Sky Tower are, from top to bottom:

Blue representing clinic visits
Purple for infusions
Aqua for tube placements
Red for blood transfusions
Magenta for ER or an ambulance
Orange for line placements

I headed down to shoot some photos for SKYCITY – look out for them in the media!

Beads_of_Courage_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-1 Beads_of_Courage_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-2 Beads_of_Courage_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-3 Beads_of_Courage_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-4 Beads_of_Courage_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-5 Beads_of_Courage_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-6

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