Let there be light! Hobbiton light’s up ready for it’s night tours!

So it’s official, Hobbiton Movie Set have announced their night tours! I can tell you first hand, Hobbiton by night is a completely different experience and certainly a New Zealand must do! It’s quite spectacular… especially when the stars come out!

Hobbiton is now fully wired, lighting up the movie set and making it that little bit more magical! Fans and tourists will soon be able to view The Shire as the Dwarves did when they visited Bag End at the beginning of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  

Over the past few months I have been back and forth to Hobbiton for various shoots, here is a selection of my night shots that are currently being used in the night tour promotions.

Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-13 Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-12 Hobbiton Night Tours Hobbiton Night ToursHobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-5Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-4Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-15Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-3Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-7Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-8Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-1Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-6Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-10Hobbiton_Night_Tours_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-14Be sure to book on a night tour when they become available, I can guarantee it will be an experience to remember!

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