Discover Waitomo’s Underworld!

New Zealand is just as awesome below ground as it is above! Here are a few shots from a recent shoot at the Ruakuri Cave in Waitomo.

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After producing these photos, I was lucky enough to be invited back to take part in all their adventure tours as part of a recce for another shoot – what an amazing experience! A must do for anyone visiting New Zealand!

Me enjoying the Black Odyssey (Photo Credit: Bas, our guide)

Me enjoying the Black Odyssey (Photo Credit: Bas, our guide)

Just a quick blog this time – keep an eye out for bigger Waitomo caves one in the future!

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  1. Kia ora. I am an amateur photographer.. Your NZ images are stunning, I do love them. I am just wondering what restrictions were imposed on you for the Waitomo Caves shoot. These caves/the glow worms have always been fiercely protected e.g. no cameras allowed… it is necessary to have this rule because too much light and too frequently exposed to light can damage the glow worms. I was surprised to see you were allowed to get right to the heart of the cave with your camera.. as stunning as the beautiful worms are [I felt quite emotional looking at them] I hope the operators don’t allow too much expose and risk the worms dying off. How did you minimise using light to take the photos or are the worms bright enough to give enough natural light ?

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