New York, New York!!

So New York was awesome… here are a few quick snaps from the trip! I could write a huge blog and go on about every last thing we did but I’d end up rambling on about the constant airport style security checks (completely understandable!) and tripod bans! I’ll let the photos do the talking instead! Next time I’m less tourist and more photographer! So many more shots I wanted to take!

Tuihana Food Photography

Tuihana Cafe: An entire menu for two!

Over the past few weeks I have been to and from the Tuihana Cafe to photograph (and eat) their entire menu. 26 dishes over a 4 week period is a lot of food, luckily I was able to bring Liv along to share the load! I’m usually a very fussy eater and tend to veer away from things that are a little different however being able to try everything on a menu has certainly opened my taste buds to some new dishes! Kiwis certainly know how to cook good food – there wasn’t a meal I didn’t enjoy, everything was …

Hobbiton TECNZ

An evening in the Shire

Last week Hobbiton hosted the guests of the TECNZ (Tourism Export Council New Zealand) conference for a special evening in the Shire. From a tour around the set to prop and prosthetics displays in a pop up Weta Workshop, guests certainly had a night to remember! Check out a few of the shots: To see more Hobbiton Photography check out the links below: Hobbiton at Night – Balloons over Hobbiton – Hobbiton Visit

ricoh sustainability report 2014 shaun jeffers photography

Ricoh – Sustainability Report Photography

One of my biggest jobs this year has been shooting all the photography for the Ricoh Sustainability Report. Each year Ricoh produce a sustainability report showing a summary of initiatives being undertaken by their nationwide network. This year they wanted to try something new with the photography and asked me to come aboard – the designers were keen on having natural black and white portraits and being a very anti-flash photographer I jumped at the chance! Over the duration of a few months I shot numerous portraits, interiors, workers and other miscellaneous bits and bobs. I am currently still working on …

New Zealand Landscapes: Tekapo to Milford Sound

My trip to the South Island was primarily to shoot for Jucy Rentals (see blog) however it also served another purpose. After spending 9 months in Auckland, a trip back to the South Island was definitely needed. As much as I love Auckland, I came to New Zealand for the epic landscapes (you know, the ones you see in Lord of the Rings). I needed to reignite my love for New Zealand and prove to myself why I have decided to live here for a few more years. 9 days later I have successfully achieved that, this country never ceases to …

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