Balloons over Hobbiton

I was lucky enough to head back to Hobbiton for a third time last weekend to photograph the Balloons over Hobbiton event! What an amazing night! It’s always a pleasure and an honour to be asked to shoot at Hobbiton – I will never get bored of it! If you have yet to go to any of the Waikato balloon events do it before it finishes on Sunday, they are incredible!

I’ll keep this blog short and sweet and let the photos do the talking! I look forward to heading back for exciting new shoots in the future!

Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-14 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-15Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-1 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-2 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-3 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-4 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-5 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-6 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-7 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-8 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-9Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-11 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-12 Balloons_over_Hobbiton_Shaun_Jeffers_Photography-13

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